Fall in Love
This gift.
I let the idea continue to write anything about you.
Halt in the proficient and drop in impressions.
I do not want to run away.
I so love you.
Fall in Love
I love the pile when I found bright eyes you carry ceiling rooms.
Quiet smile you burn me a broom in half.
I am still waiting for you.
Nostalgic and Longing
No forgiveness I ran again pursue the country yearn for you.
Is this only shadow only?
But why do you so I real eyes.
Nostalgic and Longing
Until this second, I still choose not to regularize the wind.
Country longing that you closed it still thick fog.
While I am, I tremble menilas foot impressions you.
Nostalgic and Longing
You pass in a face to the bottom I suddenly.
A copyright in the country you quiet me.
This is what is called the River?
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